Protection Plan FAQ

We offer complete support packages to help secure and protect your investment, your Storefront to the world. We’re here to ensure your website is scanned, backed up, up-to-date, and as secure as possible to help prevent disaster and recover from it if the need arises. We can also tweak, modify, clean-up, speed-up and repair your website. Just ask!

No. This is a ‘no contract’ monthly subscription. You can even upgrade or downgrade at your discretion. Our plans are just billed monthly so you’re free to cancel at any time.

Yes, custom websites and e-commerce sites are available. Also on offer are website packages payable over 24-months. Specializing in WordPress websites, we’d be pleased to discuss what you have in mind. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions whenever you like.

Yes. Sign Up for Security, Backups, Updates, any combination of support, for as many websites as you want. Each ‘Sign Up’ is dedicated to one website.

Not really. Each subscription Sign-Up is for a single website. You can easily switch over to another website by Signing up the new website and  cancelling services on the previous website.

WE do the work. By WE, I mean the team. Normally, Don or Johnny will be your Account Manager and any one of the team, Don, Johnny, Pierre or Terry, may be assigned to access and perform the WordPress maintenance support you ordered for your website.

Our discretion is assured. Absolutely no information, private or otherwise is shared with any third party. And unless relevant to the direct performance of our work for you, not even shared internally. Non-Disclosure (NDA) Agreements are available upon request.

Secure-1 is thorough solution where our team provides firewall & malware protection, website security scans, data back ups and updates. Secure-2 adds WordPress ‘Version’ updates to the package. Advanced-1 includes Secure-2 with security scans executed on a more frequent schedule. Advanced-2 performs more frequent plugin updates from the previous. Pro-1 includes Advanced-2 with even more frequent security scans and backups, plus, important WordPress Theme updates. Pro-2 improves upon Pro-1 with more frequent Version and Theme updates. Extreme includes Pro-2, with necessary updates now on a weekly schedule.

The A-La-Carte subscription gives you finer control over your choice of protection and services. It starts with a hardened WordPress logon panel, and installation and configuration of a firewall. With that, you’ll also have monthly security & malware scans. From there, you can choose from any of the services offered and how often they’re performed.

As a current client to a Monthly Subscription, if or when you order ‘Content Support’ we’ll add 15% more time to every hour purchased. Additionally, any ‘remaining’ time will be banked into your account for any future support needs.

You may prefer to purchase 5 or more hours and have the banked time at a lower rate.

Enough time to update or add pages, banners, edit colors and fonts. You’ll receive an invoice detailing work performed and any remaining unused time that is banked into your account.

You may prefer to purchase 5 or more hours and have the banked time at a lower rate.

Regretfully, even the most protected websites, can be hacked. Our aim is to make it almost impossible. Using strong passwords, having your website protected and ‘UP-TO-DATE’ is your best protection. Especially ensuring your website isn’t simply brought down by an automated script running wild across the internet.